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May 15, 2019/Steve Tackett

Confused whether to buy a new or a second-hand car?

We will make it easy for you. Before you buy a car, there are a few things you should consider. We have precisely highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car and a used one too. So, quickly glance through this article and decide which car is best for you.

1 COST Buy a new car is better than buying a used car because a new car is fully checked by engineers and need not be checked by a mechanic for hidden issues. Buy a used car is money-saving as it is low priced than a brand new one and also its insurance rate is very low.
2. INTEREST RATE Auto dealers provide great offers and cash rebates when you buy a new car. Also, new car loans have better interest rates compared to a used car. Registry renewals are very low every year when you buy a used car. Also, you get to save more money and avail great deals.
3. DEPRECIATION You purchase a car for $50,000 and sell it two years later for $25,000. The car costs you $25,000 in depreciation. You purchase a car, but it’s a 2 years old model. You buy the car for $25,000 and 2 years later you sell it for $15,000. So the used car depreciation costs you only $10,000.
4. CONDITION Both interior and exterior conditions are flawless in a new car. A used car may look good on the outside but may have some hidden issues.
5. WARRANTY After buying a new car, the company provides a warranty, replaces the scratches, dents, etc. in the first year. A used car may have some missing parts and may not be in warranty or service programs.
6. MONEY-SAVING A new car costs thousands and thousands more than a used car for the same model only, one-year-old. A used car costs much lower than a new car.
7. MAINTENANCE There are no major repairs or maintenance issues in a new car. A used car has more wear and tear, repair issues.
8. INSURANCE The new car insurance rate is higher than a used car. The used car insurance rate is lower than a new car.
9. EXAMPLES Some of the New Cars of 2019 include Audi A6, BMW X5, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, BMW 3 series and more.
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Some of the Used Cars of 2019 include Nissan Frontier, Hyundai Elantra, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Jaguar XF and more.
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