Easy Car Repairs You can do it yourself to save Money and Time

Easy Car Repairs You can do it yourself to save Money and Time

Car maintenance comes along with the car buying process. As time passes on, maintenance and car repair also start growing with the age of the car.

It is included in the monthly budget by itself.


Most of the time we forget to go for regular car maintenance and changing of oil is a must in this process.

If you have a simple tool and car parts bought online then you can dave a lot of money if you have the basic knowledge only without any help from a car mechanic.


Here are the DIY tips for doing car repair:

1.) Battery Change:

This is the easiest task to do as it is not a big deal to change the battery of a car. A battery can last up to 5 years and you should always be ready to figure out the current status of the battery so that you can easily change it.

Before you start facing any issue change the battery beforehand.

2.) Brake Pads Change:

Braking Pads Change

Changing the brake pads is also one of the simple and inexpensive DIY processes in which you might have to spend thousands of bucks on changing the brakes.

You need a basic wrench, pliers, wheel lug wrench and also a jack and a set of jack stands.


A set of new brakes can cost you around $40 depending on the type and model of the car.

Take off the wheel then remove the hardware and pull the worn pads and push the caliper piston and install the new pads which will last for about 30,000 – 50,000 miles which you can check them on every 10,000 miles.

3.) Oil Change:

Changing of Oil

You can easily do the oil change on your own and the same thing will cost you around $60 in the market.

Find out a sign of asterisk on the oil changes and in some cases, the right amount is also not mentioned. Never use cheap oil as it highly affects the car.

4.) Spark Plugs Change:

Spark Plugs Change

Always explore when the right time to change the plug is and you should also have the regular set of tools that you need to spark plug wrench. You have to buy this once in a lifetime to save your maintenance expenses.

5.) Headlight Replacement:

replace the headlights

You can perform the regular walks around your car and it is the most important check as it is needed in alerting the drivers. In case you are unable to do so, you can rush to your nearest mechanic for the headlight change.

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